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      6 06, 2017


      By | 2017-06-07T16:13:23+00:00 六月 6th, 2017|未分類|

      控制和檢測 A detailed analysis of all parameters at the installation site is required to ensure the highest energy saving and the lowest life-cycle costs. Besides weather data, available connecting loads as well as customer-specific data like travel and maintenance periods [...]

      6 06, 2017


      By | 2017-06-07T16:13:59+00:00 六月 6th, 2017|未分類|

      軌道伴熱 In areas with frequent and long frost periods, any surface exposed to open air is likely to be covered by snow and / or ice. Moreover, ice covered rails are compromising the reliability of railroad traffic.Manually recovering frozen or [...]

      6 06, 2017


      By | 2017-06-07T16:14:36+00:00 六月 6th, 2017|未分類|

      切換點伴熱 For trouble free train operation during winter conditions, point heating is recommended to keep the point ice-free and moving. We took the challenge to find the best and energy-efficient solution for each frost problem within the railway transportation area. [...]

      6 06, 2017


      By | 2017-06-07T16:15:16+00:00 六月 6th, 2017|未分類|

      TraceVision 溫度監測和控制 TraceVision?系統是愛敦用來監測和控制所有電伴熱系統的創新方案,可以在大部分工廠中使用。它運行安全可靠,保證了整個系統在使用中的最大靈活性。TraceVision的管理和控制系統可單獨編程,適當的為每個單獨的加熱電路配置。一個伴熱系統可以配置高達72個溫度控制器(如型號EL-HTC/22),包含不同的運行模式,例如:實現ON(開啟)/OFF(關閉),PI控制或ATPC控制。每個控制器可單獨編程配置的關鍵參數如設定值、高溫報警、高壓報警以及多達12個傳感器。 帶有多個CAN-BUS I/O模塊的工業PLC系統是TraceVision?系統的基礎,愛敦專門為客戶開發了軟件,使用戶通過此軟件可以操作該系統。該軟件可同時運行由不同設備控制的多個會話。 TraceVision?觀察器:客戶可以借助應用軟件,連接上服務器(TraceVision? 管理器),操作該系統。 TraceVision?管理器:服務器軟件可連接多個用戶,運行以下功能: 控制數據庫,數據庫管理著每個項目的所有信息。 控制與加熱電路監測設備的連接,并與TraceVision?觀察器建立聯系。 記錄從監測設備發往數據庫的報警信息。 TraceVision?軟件與每個運用Windows操作系統的計算機都兼容,即使在低配置電腦上也可流暢運行。 Control Screen Main Screen Group Screen Temperature vs. Time